Sea and ground flavours | La Porta del Chianti Restaurant, Siena
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Tasting the sea

Fish tasting menù in accordance with chef creativity and only daily fresh fish

La Porta del Chianti restaurant offers this kind of fish tasting menù:


5 courses

Dessert & Dessert wine



The greatest innovation that Agostino Veneziano brought to the Chianti area is fresh fish, cooked according
to the Sicilian tradition.


Red Shrimp carpaccio with field salad, buds and citrus vinaigrette
Squid timbale with eggplant, mozzarella, San Marzano cream and basil oil
Crispy prawns with beans cream and rosemary crispy bread
Roasted octopus with leeks and potatoes cream and salmoriglio sauce


First dishes

Paccheri di Gragnano with redfish, gurnard, monkfish, mullet and sicilian pesto
Spaghetti with soute of mussels, clams and squid, tuna bottarga and crumb
Tagliolini with blue lobster, little tomatoes and parsley oil
>Moscardini and little squid in stew a bit spicy with crispy slice of bread and oil


Second dishes

Red Tuna cut with sicilian caponata
Daily fish thread, with olives and capers
Grilled shellfish with homemade mayonnaise, bisque and hard roe
Codfish with gratin of bread crumb, herbs and potatoes puree


La Porta del Chianti Rastaurant offers you an interesting ground menù with typical tuscan dishes and sicily inspired food.


Traditional sicilian Arancino with tomato and wild fennel cream
Traditional Caponata with eggplant and crispy basil
Thread carpaccio with fresh salad, capers, Pienza Pecorino cheese and mustard sauce
Piglet porchetta with tuna sauce
Mixed cheeses and meats with homemade jams and mustards


First dishes

Pasta alla Norma with fried eggplant, salted ricotta cheese and basil sauce
Homemade ravioli with spinach, ricotta cheese and butter creme, sage
and roasted tomatoes
Homemade pappardelle with sausages sauce, season vegetables and sicilian pesto
Spaghetti di Gragnano, garlic, oil and peppers with roasted tomatoes, Pienza Pecorino cheese and bread crumb


Second dishes

Grilled beef thread with season vegetables and herbs sauce
Chianina cut with roasted potatoes and balsamic reduction
Pork shin slowly very well cooked with potatoes and herbs (for 2 people)
Roasted cockerel with olives, capers and his own sauce
Rabbit cooked in earthenware pan, with rice and curry sauce



Sicilian cannoli with ricotta cheese, almonds and pistache
Lemon cake with homemade sponge cake of limoncello
Torta sette veli: seven veils chocolate cake
Chocolate pie with soft heart and ricotta cheese ice cream
Puff pastry with homemade arancello cream